Good Parking


March in Southern California can spoil you.

The weather was so glorious after a day of heavy rain, we brought out our t-shirts, tank tops and bare feet and headed to our favorite park.

The toddler still hasn’t officially accepted his baby brother, almost seven months later. Right now, there’s a lot of parallel play on a good day and outright aggression on many days. We can’t leave these two unsupervised for even a split second. The toddler has already tried to do some damage to the little guy. He’s jealous and doesn’t want to share the spotlight with him.

But this day was relatively tame. The sky was aqua, palm trees swayed in rhythm with a refreshing breeze, the baby took his first ride in a swing, the earthy smell of fresh cut grass was a clear reminder of spring, blankets were spread out and jungle gyms were climbed.

It was a good day.



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