A Week in Photos


We started out the week on a dark, chilly beach with an angry sea taunting us to leave.

The boys’ grandparents made an after-school visit and we trekked through a nearby canyon to let off some energy.

We watched birds, cloaked in red and black jackets, darting and chasing one another through trees.

We ate rocky road ice cream.

We drove up the coastline and into Santa Barbara, where we explored a 226-year-old mission and studied a stone basin where Native Americans once washed their clothes in the hot sun (it made me appreciate the old noisy, temperamental washing machine I curse on a daily basis, which is currently busted).

We ran barefoot across cool, wet sand, under a vibrant blue ceiling.

This week, the toddler seemed to finally embrace his baby brother — almost 8 months later — and engaged him in some fairly friendly play, a rarity.

Until the baby started taking over too many of his toys and the toddler bopped him on the head.

Another week, another visit to the naughty chair.

How did you spend your week?



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