Babywearing, Daddy-Style


Disclaimer #1: I am in no way being compensated by Ergobaby to promote their carriers, I just truly adore their product and wholeheartedly believe in their flawless design and functionality. I have survived many a trip to Trader Joe’s with my three boys while wearing the baby in the Ergo, pushing the toddler in a shopping cart and thwarting the six-year-old’s attempts at sneaking extra snacks in.

Disclaimer #2: The above photo was completely staged. My husband doesn’t normally “wear” our baby, but I really, really wish he would. Because, not only do I think daddies look sweet (not to mention, hot) wearing their babies, it sure does free up mama’s hands when they do. Happy Mama. Happy Daddy.
Before we had our sons, for some reason, I thought my husband would be the babywearing type. I just assumed he’d naturally want to carry our babies around in a carrier like all those other cute dads I saw strolling around the park, their babies perched upon their chests, chubby thighs all happily dangling about like little frogs.
But, no.

He’s a highly nurturing dad who is completely hands on with our boys and doesn’t get caught up in gender roles or stereotypes whatsoever when it comes to parenting. In fact, sometimes, I think if he could breastfeed, he would. He’s affectionate with our boys and there’s a deep intimacy between them, yet, he’s never offered to carry them in a carrier. When I’ve suggested it to him, he sort of nonchalantly dismisses the idea and would rather push them in our bulky, train-like double stroller.  I’m not sure why. He also opts to carry an old plastic, nondescript shopping bag as a diaper bag when he’s out with the boys, rather than an actual diaper bag, or anything functional that even resembles a bag for carrying baby goods.

So when I read about Ergobaby’s Father’s Day Giveaway, where one lucky dad will win their performance carrier, which is quite masculine-looking and perfect for a Father’s Day gift if you ask me, I thought, maybe if I gave him one as a gift, he’d feel more inclined  to use it.

So I’m giving it a shot. If I win one for him, I’m still not sure if he’ll wear our baby in it, but — hey — I’m sure I’d get plenty of use out of it myself.

So head on over to the Ergobaby blog and enter your guy in the giveaway for a chance at winning! Good luck!



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