Ghosts of Halloweens Past


Oldest son, circa Halloween 2005, four weeks old.

Middle son, circa Halloween 2010, one year old

The baby, circa Halloween 2011, six weeks old

I know plenty of adults who celebrate Halloween each year with as much fervor as when they were children. I’ve never been one of those adults. It’s been years since I’ve dressed up in a costume, but I do think it’s so much fun now that I’m a mom, to see Halloween through a child’s eyes. We’re not a family who really gets into Halloween each year — we don’t go wild with creepy decorations or carve out rows of  jack-o’-lanterns to line our doorstep. We don’t do the Monster Mash. But we do visit a pumpkin patch every year and pick out a pumpkin or two to carve up.

We dress the kids up in costume and we do some trick-or-treating, but that’s about it. There are families on our block who spend thousands of dollars each year decorating for Halloween night. I’m talking elaborate video displays projected on walls, all set to creepy timed music, with people dressed as wandering ghouls, lurking through dry ice and scaring the children. We take full advantage of this, of course.

Fall signals birthday season in our house, with all three boys’ birthdays happening in September and October. I think by the time Halloween rolls around, we’re kind of done with celebrating. The past few Halloweens have been very simple for us — especially for my oldest — because there has been either a newborn or a baby in the house, which sort of limits our trick-or-treating abilities.

I’m sure Halloween will start to get more festive when the boys are a little older and can really take advantage of dressing up and trick-or-treating on the big night.

Middle son, Halloween 2010 as a baby skeleton, one year

Young Indiana Jones, Halloween 2011 six years old

The baby, Halloween 2011 as a little pumpkin, six weeks old.

This will be the first year we’ll take all three boys around the block, dressed in costume, and really make the most of Halloween. We’ll recycle a skeleton suit for the baby, the middle guy will go as his recent obsession (Spider-Man) and I need to come up with a Frankenstein costume for my oldest, per his special request. Maybe I need to consult Pinterest? Here’s where I wish I was crafty.

What about you? Do you get into celebrating Halloween in your house?

If you have kids, what will they dress up as this year?


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  1. I have never personally liked Halloween, always procrastinating a costume and then going as something cheesy or not at all, but this is the first year that I have a flicker of true excitement because I made a costume for Jonah! I went to the fabric store, boughts a few shades of fleece, felt, a glue gun & some puff paint, and ‘WaaLaa’ he’s going to be a pumpkin. I’m truly excited. Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to take him! I’m thinking some sort of baby friendly event… I hope the 5 of you have a fantastic time all together and that your Frankenstein costume comes together well! I have no doubt that it will & can’t wait to see pictures! Question is, are you dressing up as well? I hadn’t planned to… But maybe I should! I guess I could be the vine- might give me an excuse to put him on a baby leash though I can’t see that going over very well 😉

    • Hi, my friend! Thank you for stopping by to read and leaving me a comment. I smiled so big at the thought of Jonah as a pumpkin! That is the perfect costume for him. And I love the vine idea too! Can you take him around trick or treating? Your neighbors would get a kick out of seeing him all dressed up. And I can’t wait for you to post photos on Instagram. I hadn’t thought of dressing up (I’m such a spoilsport, right?) But, I think you’ve inspired me! I’ll have to brainstorm!


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